Life Path Astrology
Astrology offers another map to help us understand ourselves better. A birthchart represents the blueprint of energies existing at the moment of one’s birth. It represents our potential.

Knowledge of the energies in the birthchart gives a real clue to our strengths and weaknesses. It can tell us why we find certain things particularly easy or difficult. And it can help us to identify obstacles to achieving our potential and our dreams.

There is an enormous amount of information available from a birthchart.

Lee offers a Life Path Astrology Reading focussing on particular elements in the chart to do with a person’s life purpose and what may be preventing them from achieving it. The reading also contains information on current planetary transits that trigger or create particular life events and act as a catalyst for change, growth and personal transformation.

Lee also runs interactive astrology workshops for homoeopaths, healers, and others with an interest in knowing more. She focuses on the birthcharts of the people present to bring to light the energies of the astrological signs and planets.

A recent participant wrote:

“Thank you for helping me to understand the different parts of myself better.”