Homeopathy ~ Personal Stories
Homeopathy has succesfully treated many people who have not been helped by orthodox medicine.

Here are just a few case examples to give an idea of what is possible using homeopathy as part of a holistic treatment programme.
Disappearing Pathologies
Ms L, aged 45, was diagnosed with uterine fibroids two years ago. Her doctor told her an operation was inevitable as the fibroids would only get bigger. In her own words:

It has been two years since my original diagnosis and the fibroids are definitely smaller. I no longer have the pain I used to have. Lee prescribed a combination of homeopathic remedies and meditations which have definitely worked. We also discussed making various changes in my lifestyle which contributed to growing the fibroids in the first place. I’m so pleased I don’t have to have an operation."

Ms V, aged 53, had been having homeopathic treatment for some time for menopausal complaints. These had improved significantly. She then developed a tumour on her thyroid. She was scheduled to have it surgically removed. In the few months before the operation she was treated with remedies for the thyroid. The issues underlying the growth of the tumours were also discussed. When Ms V arrived at hospital for the operation she was given a preliminary examination. The tumour had disappeared and she was sent home.

Chronic Complaints

Ms S, aged 40, had been suffering from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and chronic constipation for two years. She had tried numerous conventional treatments from her doctor which had not resolved the problem. Trained as a pharmacist she was somewhat sceptical about the effectiveness of homoeopathy but she was desperate to find relief of her symptoms after so long.
It transpired that the bowel complaints started after a long and messy divorce. Ms S had experienced a long period of stress and when it was all over and she could relax, her bowel had stopped functioning normally.

Some people do ‘get through’ tense periods only to fall ill afterwards. Ms S had not linked her divorce and IBS before as the IBS had started when externally at least things had calmed down. But she was still holding on to a lot of unexpressed feelings. By treating her emotional state her IBS cleared up very quickly within one month.

Ms R, aged 37, sought treatment for a long-standing skin complaint. She was fed up with having ‘teenage acne’ at her age. The condition of her skin made her feel self-conscious and lacking in confidence. Ms R had been in the same job for a very long time. Recently she had been moved to do work that she disliked intensely. Toxic feelings can create toxicity on the skin. She was prescribed a constitutional remedy to help strengthen her generally and to help her get more in touch with what was truly right for her. The next month she had handed in her notice, felt considerably better emotionally and her skin had also significantly improved.

Please Note: These case examples are included to illustrate what is possible with homeopathy and energy healing. Homeopathy does not aim to treat or claim to cure any medical conditions. Treatment is always tailored to the individual and specific results cannot be guaranteed.
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